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    The Etiquette School of Greater Washington's classes empower children by providing them age-appropriate knowledge and skills to help them successfully manage their daily activities and face new situations with greater ease and self-confidence.
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    Dining skills form a huge part of 'good manners' training, and those who possess this knowledge have a built-in advantage. Understanding the protocol of dining has shown to increase confidence and improve self-esteem.

At THE ETIQUETTE SCHOOL OF GREATER WASHINGTON, we focus on the strengths of our children. Through fun and interactive learning they develop new skills they will value the rest of their lives. Children who have learned manners and life skills are more successful in their relationships with parents, friends and teachers. Treating others with kindness and respect as well as knowing what is expected from them in social situations is a great equalizer. Learning these "life skills" in the formative years - courtesy becomes a part of their personality.

Children and Young Adults are Our Passion

Along with academics, sports and talent, presentation completes the picture. Give your child the skills to handle life situations with confidence and ease.

The Etiquette School of Greater Washington's goal is to provide all clients with a competitive edge by empowering them with the tools needed to make a difference.

Presentation and Class Locations

All group presentations and classes are conducted at your choice of venue/location.
Self-organize your class and arrange the dates and times which best accommodate your group.

For more information, please contact us.

University/College Students and Adults

Designed for any University group, The Etiquette School of Greater Washington offers two seminars designed to help students feel more confident at social events and in professional situations.

An Adult Refresher Dining Class is offered for those who want to brush up on their dining skills.